Automatic Side Strapping Machine 103A

automatic strapping machine

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Automatic Side Strapping Machine 103A

Product Description
1. Our automatic strapping machine 103a is automatic type side strapping with PLC control system. The machine features simple operation, low fault rate and automatic stop function of the motor more users save the cost of production.
2. 304 stainless steel rollers, which ensure vulnerable parts service life longer. 
3. Automatic power equipment, power saving, durable.
4. Good tool steel production, cutting knife, make wear-resisting higher.
5. Heating, rapid heating design, fast and safe. Accurate orbit, make sure you pack the right glue.
6. It's widely used in food, hardware, chemicals, electronic, etc.This model special for small shop, drugstore, supermarket and so on. 
7. Using Chinese 3C certified components. Really efficient and stable.
8. Customize: OEM and ODM available.
9. Certificate: ISO9001




Technology Parameters

Model 103A
Power Supply AC 380V 50Hz 3Phases
Power Consumption 0.75kw
Strapping Speed 2.5 S/time
Strapping Size 800*1200mm
Strapping Tension 5-80kg
PP Tape Width 9,13 or 15mm
Thickness 0.6-1.2mm
Machine Dimension 1610*630*1800mm
Weight 260kg


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