Carton automatic sealing machine for the carton requirements

Carton sealing machine is used to work, and its quality directly determines the carton automatic sealing machine sealing effect, but many users do not know this situation, and some hold the hand-held carton sealing machine anyway, anyway, it is not allowed , Below to share with you the quality of the carton carton automatic sealing machine.

1, customers choose the thickness and hardness of the carton. The concept of carton thickness and hardness does not mean that the thicker the better, the harder the better, this is a problem of proportion, at the same time according to the user to buy corrugated material has a certain relationship. If the user with a cardboard box, get the factory try better.

2, carton indentation. The indentation of the carton is closely related to the folding mechanism of the open box machine. In general, indentations of relatively shallow cartons will be more difficult to achieve. In particular, thicker, harder cartons will be more difficult to fold.

3, carton cutting, binding specifications. Carton cutting and binding specifications is the direct effect of the sealing box effect, if the carton cutting and binding is not standardized, then there may be two cartons out of the two are not covered in a straight line, or out of the box and so on.

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