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Packaging Contributes To Food Safety
Dec 18, 2017

With the rapid development of our national economy and the substantial improvement of people's living standards, the market economy, especially the diversification of various types of commodity supermarkets, has resulted in a drastic increase in the amount of various types of commodity packaging. In particular, the development and demand of flexible packaging, functional packaging materials and related high-tech equipment market for several major categories of products such as fresh agricultural products, foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals will become more prominent.

Food safety is a global problem, of course, its impact also involves China. For example, with the urbanization process, the community has prospered, meaning that meat needs to reach consumers over longer distances in chilled conditions. Good packaging helps keep the meat fresh and prolongs its shelf life, thereby reducing premature spoilage and waste.

The world food supply can be a complicated problem, but it is not necessary to adopt a complex approach to deal with it. To meet the huge demand for modern packaging products resulting from the rapid development of China's economy in the future, we must first solve the supply of various types of modern packaging and auxiliary materials and their modern complete sets of processing technology and equipment, which inevitably leads to the formation of the above- Demand side market coexistence, with the same endless potential of modern packaging raw and auxiliary materials and processing of molding equipment for the supply of complete sets of technical equipment market. With the further development and opening up of China's commodity market in the future, the large-scale packaging market that accompanies the development of a large number of packaging materials, packaging materials, raw materials and related high-tech equipment in China's packaging market , Need activities and related information exchange activities. China will surely become the most modern packaging product attracting worldwide attention in the 21st century, the distributing center of high-tech complete equipment for packaging raw and auxiliary materials, and the modern packaging technology information exchange center. Who will become the protagonist of China's packaging market depends on who has the most enough to capture the strength of this market.

To meet the stringent requirements of plastic PVC (polyvinyl chloride), the third largest in the world, there is an increasing demand for non-migrating phthalate-free additives. It should be foreseen that the future of China's packaging market, in fact, is a big modern high-tech packaging technology contest. China's packaging industry will face a serious challenge. To occupy and keep this big market in our country can be regarded as the need of national interest and national interest. Therefore, we still need to work diligently to speed up our own construction.

At present, the most pressing and most realistic and quickest way is to step up training and make full use of scientific and technological personnel at the same time increase and speed up the development of China's modern packaging industry scale and speed. Make full use of our existing resources and conditions, combined with the study of foreign experience, as soon as possible to a large number of raw and auxiliary materials and a large number of sets of processing equipment imported into self-supplied and key technologies into China as soon as possible to the modern packaging raw materials and auxiliary industries related to processing Complete sets of equipment industry go up. Strive to make our country self-sustaining in these areas in a relatively short period of time. This actually shows that our country already has the power to occupy the large market of China's modern packaging. Only with such a level and strength will it be possible for us to make greater and greater contributions in the future, both to ensure its own development needs and to spare no effort in supporting other developing countries.

It has become a common trend to develop multifunctional non-migratory environmental additives that enhance the performance of PVC products in high-end applications.