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Vacuum Nitrogen Flushing Tray Sealing Machine

Vacuum Nitrogen Flushing Tray Sealing Machine

The three major commodity types are fruits and vegetables, meat and meat products, and seafood. Many products such as red meat, seafood, minimally processed fruits and vegetables, pasta, cheese, bakery goods, poultry, cooked and cured meats, ready meals and dried foods are packaged under MA. It has been estimated that 25-40% of all fresh produce harvested will not reach the consumers table, due to spoilage and mishandling that occurs during distribution.


Vacuum nitrogen flushing tray sealing machine
1) Safe and easy to operate with PLC touch screen operating system.
2) Automatic and continual production.
3) Mould: according to customer's requirement.

Advantages of finished package
1) Longer shelf-life
2) Prevent from squeezing
3) Prevent from contamination
4) Beautiful package
3) Customizable

Widely Apply to fresh meat, fast food, cooked meat, fish, poultry, shellfish, fruit, coffee, tea, vegetable, bread etc.

Technical data

Machine Parameters 
Electric source220V/50HZ
Working air pressure0.7-0.8MPA
Air exhaust rate20M2/hour
Air replacement rate99.6%

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