Automatic vacuum packaging machine the correct method of operation

Automatic vacuum packaging machine is mainly said that the vacuum chamber vacuum packaging machine is automatically swung, which is mainly for double-chamber vacuum packaging machine or rolling vacuum packaging machine to illustrate, in general, if the customer does not specify, the general double Chamber vacuum packaging machine will be placed in accordance with the manual to determine. Today, a hundred small series to briefly introduce the automatic vacuum packaging machine operating procedures, we have to collect ah!

First: press the vacuum requirements, adjust the exhaust time relay. However, in order to ensure the quality of the sealing, the degree of vacuum must be not less than -0.06Mbra, otherwise the sealing quality can not be guaranteed, and the electric heating belt will be burnt out.

Second: adjust the heat sealing relay according to the packaging materials, control the heating time, generally set at 1.5-2 seconds.

Third: According to the sealing quality and packaging materials, adjust the cooling time relay, in order to achieve the best sealing effect. (The above three items are adjusted by professionals to be used by operators.)

Fourth: the required packaging products into plastic bags, placed in the sealing position, the package placed properly, the base must be heated bar (stainless steel) pressure. Open the power switch, vacuum pump work, the vacuum packaging items.

Fifthly, the plastic bag is then sealed by heating and pressing at the same time, and then the vacuum chamber is cooled and returned to the air, and the studio lid rises to the other side. Studio covers fall. Complete a seal.

Sixth: equipment stops working immediately turn off the power switch, in order to avoid the solenoid valve is charged for a long time and burned.

Seventh; In the pump for any maintenance must be cut off the power, can not have any accidents happen.

Eighth: You must regularly check the oil level, such as the oil level below the highest mark of the window, you should refuel to the highest mark.

Ninth: Packaging machine in the process of work or handling, should always maintain the up position, not allowed to tilt, non-collision or impact, especially the instruments, switches and so on.

Tenth: The studio should be kept clean, especially under the seal with a hot seal and silicone strips above, may not attach any foreign matter, so as not to affect the sealing quality and service life.

Eleventh: In fact, for automatic vacuum packaging machine, we certainly have a dedicated staff to operate after the purchase, so our manufacturers to develop appropriate safety practices, training of specialized operators, require all staff in accordance with Operating procedures.

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