Vacuum packaging machine for fragile easily deformed products

People often see some snacks in the supermarket bulging bags, which is packed by vacuum packaging machine and inflated effect, in order to avoid similar crisp and fragile food, easy caking food, easy deformation of oil products, sharp edges and corners Or higher hardness will pierce the bags of goods damaged, so invented the vacuum inflatable packaging machine. An important part of the vacuum packaging machine is inflated. The main role of vacuum packaging in addition to the vacuum packaging deaerator shelf life, there are mainly pressure, gas barrier, preservation and other functions, can more effectively make the food long-term to maintain the original color, smell, taste, shape and Nutritional value. In addition, there are many foods should not be used vacuum packaging, vacuum packaging must be used. Such as crunchy and fragile food, easy to caking food, easy to deaminate food, sharp edges or high hardness will pierce the bags of food. After the food vacuum packaging of food vacuum packaging machine, the inflatable pressure inside the bag is greater than the atmospheric pressure outside the bag, can effectively prevent the food from crushing deformation, does not affect the appearance of the bag and printing and decorating.

The principle of vacuum inflatable packaging machine is: after evacuation and then filled with nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen, a single gas or 2-3 kinds of gas mixture. Nitrogen is an inert gas, filling the role of the bag to maintain a positive pressure to prevent air outside the bag into the bag, the food play a protective effect. Carbon dioxide gas can be dissolved in various types of fat or water to form a less acidic carbonate, inhibit mold, spoilage bacteria and other microbial activity. Oxygen can inhibit the growth and reproduction of anaerobic bacteria, to maintain the freshness and color of fruits and vegetables, while high concentrations of oxygen can make fresh meat to maintain its bright red color, looks beautiful.

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