Continuous rolling vacuum packaging machine operation flow

Vacuum packaging machine workflow With the widespread use of vacuum packaging machines on the market, the number of vacuum packaging machine operators are also increasing, to the operator, to understand and master the operation of vacuum packaging machine and the steps are very It is necessary because the familiar use of vacuum packers not only increases equipment efficiency but also allows the equipment to last longer.

The following gives you a summary of the vacuum packaging machine work specific processes in order to allow operators and related personnel have a comprehensive understanding of this.

First: vacuum packaging of packaging operations, to achieve the desired degree of vacuum: the vacuum packaging bag packaging materials into the vacuum chamber, and then close the vacuum cover, the vacuum pump to start working, the vacuum chamber was evacuated , The bag will reach the vacuum state at the same time, the vacuum gauge pointer rises to a predetermined degree of vacuum, controlled by the time relay ISJ in time control, and the vacuum pump automatically stops working after the suction is completed. In the vacuum packing machine operation at the same time, two three-way solenoid valve IDT began to work, the balloon to maintain a vacuum, heat sealing rack hold in place.

Second: heat sealing of the bag: After the solenoid valve IDT is disconnected, the outside air enters the airbag through the air inlet of the upper part of the airbag. By utilizing the pressure difference between the inside of the vacuum chamber and the airbag, the airbag is inflated so that the heat- Jack up, squeeze pocket. At the same time heat sealing transformer work, began to seal. At the same time, time relay ISJ began to work, after a few seconds to complete the homework, the heat seal is over.

Third: the vacuum chamber into the air: two two-way solenoid valve 2DT open, the atmosphere into the vacuum chamber, the vacuum packaging machine pointer back to zero, heat sealing pressure rack by reset spring reset, vacuum packaging machine cover open.

Fourth, the cycle of operations: double-chamber vacuum packaging machine in accordance with procedural steps to move the vacuum chamber to another vacuum chamber, into the next work cycle, alternating left and right two rooms, cycling back and forth.

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