Continuous vacuum packaging machine use introduction

Continuous vacuum packaging machine is a high degree of automation and production efficiency of the model, the transmission system, vacuum chamber, inflatable system, electrical systems, water and washing devices, conveyor belts, body and other components. Vacuum pump installed outside the machine, transmission and electrical systems in the body on both sides of the box.

The operation can be automatically discharged by the bag on the conveyor belt, the cycle can be completed automatically, pumping, inflating, sealing, cooling time, sealing temperature can be preselected, either according to the program automatically, but also single-cycle operation . In order to make the packaged goods to be packed in a tilted state, the conveyor belt can be adjusted at an angle, and the packaged product liquid can not easily overflow the bag under the inclined state, and is particularly suitable for the vacuum of powdery, pasty and juice-containing articles package.

Continuous vacuum packaging machine has only one vacuum chamber, but the vacuum chamber can be made larger, heat seal size is longer, it can be used to package larger items, also suitable for small bags of high-volume packaging operations, with Vacuum packaging machine can be put into several bags at the same time vacuum and heat sealing, the sealing device uses water cooling, sealing smooth, fast cooling, with spray water pipe for easy cleaning, sealing quality is usually better than the chamber Vacuum packaging machine.

Continuous vacuum packaging machine vacuum system, the principle of heat sealing and chamber vacuum packaging machine the same, but such models of the vacuum lid opening and closing without manual operation, automatic opening and closing, faster working cycle, shorter cycle, The duty cycle is 128 ~ 303, so the production efficiency is higher. The figure shows the structure and working principle of a continuous vacuum packaging machine, which is the use of conveyor belt as a packaging machine table and conveyor. The conveyor belt can be moved in steps. The bags are placed on the carrier (1) of the conveyor belt and stopped as the conveyor belt enters the vacuum chamber cover (4).

The vacuum chamber cover (4) is above the conveyer belt, the movable platform (6) is below the conveyer belt, the vacuum chamber cover (4) is automatically lowered and the movable platform (6) is raised under the action of the cam 4) closed to form a vacuum chamber, followed by vacuum and heat sealing operation. After the operation is completed, the movable platform is lowered and the vacuum chamber lid is raised, and the belt is steppinged to deliver the bag out of the machine. The conveyor belt has a bracket for positioning the packaging bag, as long as the package containing the packaging material is discharged on the conveyor belt, the cycle can be completed automatically.

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